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Random Thoughts

Nothing Personal Here

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1) Been a Furry since early childhood. Discovered the fandom in 2003.

2) Got involved with electronics when I was 10; been building projects since 2002. Specialize in VT audio amp design.

RL Name: Lorelei V. Hobbs
Location: Cincy
DoB: 28 June, 1989
Height: 5' 9"


Hollow state amps, Furry Fandom, Furries, Furries, Furries, good friends, good times, Linux, FreeBSD, Debian, Slackware, X Windows System, Enlightenment, /etc files, XEMACS, Heavy Metal, Techno, Independent artists, foxes, fennecs, all cute critters great and small, C/C++, FORTRAN, Python, Euphoria. And did I mention Furries?


Solid state amps, Microsoft, Win-d'ohs, Win-doesn't, Windows GDI, WinVirii, THE REGISTRY (Yuck!) Notepad, Furbashers and other assorted idiots, RIAA sell-out artists (Ted Nugent, Metallica: that means you) RIAA prepackaged "stars" (Britney, Miley, J-Lo: that means you), Rap/Hip-hop, Visual Basic, Cobol, Ruby, GNOME

The Obligatory Ell-Jay Colour Bar

Obligatory Ell-Jay Colour Bar

This is about as personal as I'm gonna get.

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